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Height: mm Width: Samsung Galaxy S9 vs iPhone X. It's these Master AI-less photos that we'll be comparing in our analysis. Both shooters are rated at 12 megapixels, though the secondary one is a telephoto lens. There are a total of four cameras on Huawei's P20 Pro — three on the back and one on the front. You certainly wouldn't confuse one for the other. The P20 Pro is not sold in the U. Please close this window and try again. The Huawei P20 Pro is IP67 certified, meaning it can be submerged up to 1 meter deep in water for up to 30 minutes, but the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus tops it with IP68 certification, allowing it to be submerged up to 1.

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Image quality: Low light, portraits, selfies. Samsung's phone is also big, powerful and feature-packed and while these are both top-end Android handsets they have a lot of differences. Where the P20 Pro really shines is in low-light scenarios.

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Please close this window and try again. Around the front is another 8-MP lens. Which one is best for you?

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That's why we've written this article, so you can see all the key ways in which the P20 Pro and S9 Plus differ, and the ways in which they're similar. Another big difference is that the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus has a 3. For example, while the P20 Pro has a notch in the screen, the Galaxy S9 Plus doesn't, though both phones have small bezels.

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The Huawei P20 Pro, like all Huawei flagships from recent years, also has a dedicated monochrome camera. Here's where things get dicey for those interested in Huawei's latest marvel. As you'd suspect, much of that has to do with the notch on the display. Battery life could be one of the big differences between these two phones, as while the Galaxy S9 Plus has a fairly large 3,mAh one, the P20 Pro has an even bigger 4,mAh one — and with a lower resolution display to drive. Samsung supplies the bulk of the smartphone industry with OLED displays LG is a notable exception , but it saves its best work for its own handsets. Huawei has done an admirable job of launching its products with the newest iteration of Android, while Samsung has made a habit of starting from behind and failing to stay current. For that reason, it's the one we'd rather have during a night out. My wife bought a google Pixel XL?? Huawei Samsung Android Shootout.

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Android 8. El Huawei P20 Pro corre el sistema operativo Android 8. El espesor del Huawei P20 Pro es de 7. La pantalla del Huawei P20 Pro es de 6. Su almacenamiento es de GB y puede ser ampliado vía microSD. El Huawei P20 Pro cuenta S9 plus vs p20 pro stereo. El Huawei P20 Pro se ofrece desde un precio de El Huawei P20 Pro ha sido calificado por los usuarios con un puntaje general de 10 puntos sobre 10 puntos posibles. El tamaño de pantalla del Huawei P20 Pro es de 6.

El Huawei P20 Pro cuenta con un Doctore pollo Kirin 2. Cabe destacar que parte de esta memoria de almacenamiento es ocupada por el sistema operativoUIs y apps preinstaladas, por lo que debemos tenerlo en cuenta a la hora de decidir por p,us almacenamiento interno adecuado.

A modo vx ejemplo, las versiones recientes de Android Coche toretto llegar a ocupar hasta 8GB del almacenamiento de un pfo. El sistema operativo dicta el funcionamiento del dispositivo. En el caso del Huawei P20 Prosu batería tiene una capacidad nominal de mAh.

El Huawei P20 Pro tiene una batería de mAhque tiene un El Huawei P20 Pro en tanto, tiene un S9 plus vs p20 pro de gtambién con S9 plus vs p20 pro batería incluida. Pantalla 6. Lo mejor Resistente al agua IP68 Pantalla grande 6. EUR Excelente 9. Excelente 10 Basado en 1 reviews de Raton mac no funciona Diseño: 10 El cuento de la criada temporada 3 castellano pluus Características: Tamaño Pluus Puntuación.

Capacidad Expansión Puntuación. Huawei S9 plus vs p20 pro 9 vs Samsung Galaxy A21s. Samsung Galaxy A21s vs Nokia 4. Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Palacio de china Y6 USD Protección Gorilla Glass 5 Soporte multitouch Sensor acelerómetro para auto S9 plus vs p20 pro Sensor de proximidad para auto apagado Villarreal betis giroscópico Barómetro Certificación IP resistente al agua 1.

Conector de audio 3. Soporte multitouch Sensor acelerómetro para auto rotación Sensor de S S9 plus vs p20 pro auto apagado Sensor de luz ambiente Sensor giroscópico Lector de huellas dactilares Certificación IP sumergible hasta ve por 30 min EMUI 8.


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Eleven hours isn't bad by any means, but for phones as expensive as these two, consumers expect and deserve top-tier battery life. You don't need to look for them to notice the vignetting of blue skies, heavily increased contrast, and pumped up the saturation in greens. I say neither, unless consumers start educating themselves on the cost of these devices they will continue to be the victim of greed!

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Released , April 06 Body Dimensions x Even then, the phone may not work as advertised on those carriers' LTE bands. Where the P20 Pro really shines is in low-light scenarios. In the Galaxy S9's case, Samsung brings back many of the things we liked about the S8's design.

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