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Cognitive Neuropsychology, 11 , — The term "simultanagnosia" was first coined in by Wolpert to describe a condition where the affected individual could see individual details of a complex scene but failed to grasp the overall meaning of the image. Alzheimer disease and may present to ophthalmology as vague difficulties with their vision. Humphreys, G. An ophthalmologist should probably refer patients with this symptom to a neurologist for further evaluation and management. This page was last modified on June 30, , at Patients are capable of identifying individual elements of a complex scene but have great difficulty in understanding what is occurring overall within the scene i. In one study patients were required to read one word and then read a second word that followed the first in rapid succession. There is evidence that some level of recovery is possible with rehabilitation, but many patients will continue to experience difficulties. Simultanagnosia From EyeWiki.


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Please confirm that you are not a robot. Trends in Neurosciences. However, there are several proposals such as a visual attentional deficit, which is reasoned anatomically by the fact that the parietal lobe is responsible for the visuospatial attention system. Prognosis of patients with simultanagnosia is variable and depends upon the extent of brain damage.

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Short Description Persons with simultanagnosia are unable to perceive multiple elements of an object or scene simultaneously. This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Simultanagnosia From EyeWiki. Kornblum Eds.

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Toggle navigation. Enroll in the Residents and Fellows contest. Jump to: navigation , search. Acute onset of symptoms suggests ischemia including global hypoperfusion versus a painless and progressive course which suggests neurodegenerative disease. Prognosis of patients with simultanagnosia is variable and depends upon the extent of brain damage. Patients with underlying brain neoplasm in the parieto-occipital region may have other focal localizing or non-localizing from increased intracranial pressure symptoms and signs. Computed tomography CT scan may be the best initial neuroimaging test however in patients with acute ischemia or trauma to exclude intracranial hemorrhage.

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Currently, there is no treatment available for patients with dorsal simultanagnosia, and it is likely that the bilateral lesions resulting in simultanagnosia will not heal. This page was last modified on June 30, , at Cognitive Psychology. Views Read Edit View history.

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There are currently no quantitative methods for diagnosing simultanagnosia. Standardized simultanagnosia testing figures e. Privacy policy About EyeWiki Disclaimers.

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